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Allegri's Miserere - Mundy's Vox patris caelestis - Palestrina's Missa Papae Marcelli

This is the original release on CD of the famous recording made in 1980, chosen by BBC Music Magazine as one of the Fifty Greatest Recordings of all time.


25th Anniversary Edition was released in 2005 that remains available at budget price and offers better value.

The album is also available in High Resolution, please see here.


The 1980 recording that not only made the Tallis Scholars a household name, but effectively led the way to today's great wave of exceptional mixed-voice choirs. Alison Stamp is faultless in the exceptionally testing soprano solo - top Cs and all - while, with the choir and solo quartet placed some distance apart, the perfect acoustic of Merton College Chapel is captured to perfection by Gimell.

Jeremy Pound

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