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Renaissance Radio

When Peter Phillips founded The Tallis Scholars in 1973 sacred vocal music from the Renaissance Era was seldom heard on radio. Now it is firmly established as one of the great repertoires of Western classical music. This compilation was released to celebrate The Tallis Scholars 40th Anniversary.

There are forty-seven separate tracks here and on each one you will hear singing of the very highest quality. More than that you will experience music-making that’s born out of scholarship and a deep understanding of each composer’s music and how it should be presented; yet the scholarship is lightly worn. Nineteen very different and highly individual composers are represented  and all are expertly served. This pair of CDs is a splendid representation of the art of The Tallis Scholars. If you are familiar with their work the set is a welcome and highly pleasurable way to refresh your memory. If you haven’t sampled much of their recorded output before – or if you’re unfamiliar with the richly rewarding field of Renaissance vocal music – then I hope this set may lead you to many new discoveries; you could not wish for better guides than Peter Phillips and his expert singers.

John Quinn

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