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John Sheppard - Missa Cantate


Beata nobis gaudia

Gaude, gaude, gaude Maria

Gaude virgo Christiphera

Jesu salvator saeculi, redemptis

Laudem dicite

Martyr Dei qui unicum

"The Tallis Scholars’ first Sheppard disc, released in 1989, created a new icon of English renaissance polyphony – Media vita. This is our second Sheppard album, featuring such masterpieces as the Missa Cantate, and his only votive antiphon on a festal scale, Gaude virgo Christiphera. These are major works, in a mid-century style which Sheppard fashioned for himself. Since he wrote more than almost any of his contemporaries - and is still relatively under-recorded – there is still a long way to go with him."  Peter Phillips

CDGIM 053 - to be released on 6th October 2023
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