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Eric Whitacre: Sainte-Chapelle

The Tallis Scholars


Playing Time 8 minutes 37 seconds

Only available as a Download.

Eric Whitacre wrote Sainte-Chapelle for the 40th Anniversary of The Tallis Scholars. The first performance was in St Paul's Cathedral, London, on 7 March 2013.



"Eric Whitacre, today's hottest property in choral writing, was in the audience to hear the premiere of his new work inspired by that wondrous 13th-century Parisian jewel box, Sainte-Chapelle.

Angels in the stained glass sing the Sanctus, first in long, sinuous quasi plainchant and then gradually dividing into more and more parts, creating tone clusters that dazzle like shafts of sunlight through the windows. From modest beginnings the music unfurls to become ever more complex, rich and rewarding. Another hit from the charismatic Mr Whitacre." Stephen Pritchard in the Observer (UK)

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BBC Music Magazine - June 2013
This Whitacre piece, inspired by a Parisian chapel, was written for The Tallis Scholars' 40th anniversary, and is stunningly effective. Available on iTunes just days after its premiere, this is modern technology at its finest.

San Franciso Classical Voice
Any description of the magnificent concert I attended on Saturday will fall short. I lack sufficient superlatives to describe either the ensemble’s astonishing clarity of tone — bright, sometimes steely, but never sharp and with little or no vibrato — or the impeccable way in which the voices blend, perfectly tuned, ...
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It is hard not to wonder whether Eric Whitacre's increasingly subtle writing and imagery has found its true home in The Tallis Scholars’ unique sound.
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Sainte-Chapelle is a significant achievement by Eric Whitacre
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sung with the grace, precision and authority that we have come to expect from an ensemble that has done so much to re-establish the music of the Renaissance. Phillips has the uncanny ability to select just the right voices to fashion a perfect, vibrato-less single instrument.
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The Tallis Scholars directed by Peter Phillips


Soprano 1:

Janet Coxwell, Amy Haworth

Soprano 2:

Alice Gribbin, Emma Walshe, Amy Wood


Caroline Trevor, Patrick Craig


George Pooley, Christopher Watson


Stephen Charlesworth, Adrian Peacock,
Tim Scott Whiteley


Produced by Steve C Smith and Peter Phillips for Gimell Records.
Recording Engineer: Philip Hobbs.

Recorded in the Chapel of Merton College with the kind permission of the Warden and Scholars of the House or College of Scholars of Merton in the University of Oxford.

Sainte-Chapelle by Eric Whitacre is published by Chester Music Limited

The photograph of the 15th-century stained glass in Sainte-Chapelle is © Jean Feuillie/CMN, Paris

The copyright in this sound recording, the notes, translations and visual designs, is owned by Gimell Records.


(P) 2013 Original sound recording made by Gimell Records.

© 2013 Gimell Records.

The musical editions performed in these recordings are available to download free of charge in the PDF format. Please respect the copyright notice shown on each edition.

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