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Gift Certificate

Why not introduce a loved-one, friend or colleague to our website with a Gimell Gift Certificate? We will send you an email with a redemption code that you can forward to the recipient or you can print the Certificate and then send it by post. The redemption code will also be displayed in your Account.

Gimell Gift Certificates can be redeemed against any purchase from this website. Choose the currency in the drop-down list that is most appropriate to the recipient and then select the amount you wish to give. If the currency you select is different to the currency in which you will pay then the cost to you after applying our current rate of exchange will be shown before you choose to complete your order.

Please note that a Gimell Gift Certificate must be redeemed within one year. The Certificate is only valid against one order but the Shopping Cart may include more than one item. If the value of the Gimell Gift Certificate is greater than the value of the order placed by the recipient then the unused value will be lost. It is possible to redeem more than one Gimell Gift Certificate against a single order so you may prefer to buy multiple certificates of lower value. 

You cannot use your Gimell Gift Certificate to purchase another Gimell Gift Certificate. Gimell Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund. We will not be liable to you or the recipient of a Gimell Gift Certificate if it is lost, stolen or misused.





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