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The Tallis Scholars

Through their award-winning recordings and in nearly 1,900 concerts Peter Phillips and The Tallis Scholars have done more than any other group to establish the sacred vocal music of the Renaissance as one of the great repertoires of Western classical music.

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juxtaposing fervent melodies with ecstatically shimmering choral textures
These are performances which will, inevitably, long outlive any critical response I might have to offer.
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24 October 2014
St John the Evangelist Church, Iffley Road, Oxford, England

White Lamentations I
Lassus Media vita
Tallis Lamentations I
Palestrina Lamentations III for Maundy Thursday
Freya Ireland Lamentations
Hugo Bell The Lamentation of Jeremiah
Kerensa Briggs Lamentations of Jeremiah
Victoria Lamentations III for Holy Saturday
Phinot Lamentations
Byrd Haec dies

Includes three new compositions by winners of the National Centre for Early Music Young Composers Award 2014 in association with BBC Radio 3.  This concert will be recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio 3's Early Music Show on Sunday 2 November at 2pm.

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