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The Tallis Scholars

Through their award-winning recordings and in over 1,900 concerts Peter Phillips and The Tallis Scholars have done more than any other group to establish the sacred vocal music of the Renaissance as one of the great repertoires of Western classical music.

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10 August 2015
The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland
Tallis Loquebantur variis linguis
Sheppard Media vita
Tallis Sancte deus
Pärt Nunc dimittis
Pärt Tribute to Caesar
Sheppard Gaude, gaude, gaude
Byrd Nunc Dimittis
Pärt Triodion

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Sheer Magic. The Tallis Scholars at Symphony Hall, Birmingham.
What makes the Tallis Scholars so special is not what they sing, but how they sing it.
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Tintinnabuli is number one in the UK Specialist Classical Chart
Tintinnabuli, the Tallis Scholars new album in tribute to Arvo Pärt, has gone straight to number one in the UK Specialist Classical Chart
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